Steaks & spareribs just as you like them

Steakhouse Hanover

Selected steaks from certified dealers

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Meat from selected dealers

For our classics - steak and spare ribs - we source the meat from our selected retailers who specialize in premium goods.

As a steakhouse in Hanover, we prefer to use Argentinian meat from our trusted meat dealer. In addition, during the processing of each steak (beef fillet, rump steak and rib eye) the quality and marbling is checked and cut by hand.

The steak is then grilled on a lava stone grill for the best meat experience. By the way: We recommend the cooking level medium, it's almost a shame to cook it through.

Spareribs with our own marinade

We use our own spice blend for our spare ribs. We marinate the meat with a mixture that can be described as sweet and spicy and that we have perfected over the years. The ribs are caramelised with the marinade by our kitchen crew just before serving.

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Our steakhouse at a glance


the quality and marbling is checked and cut by hand. For the best meat experience, the steak is then roasted on a lava stone grill.


own spice mix, sweet - spicy, with different garnishes and in different portion sizes


5 different draught beers, a delicious black beer punch, selected wines, cool soft drinks and much more.

Opening hours

We are open daily from 12 am - 11 pm


The Wolowina cattle are Simmental crossbreeds, which are known for their intense beef flavour.


You can book online on our website or by phone at 0511 841212

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Our restaurant with German cuisine is located directly at the Döhrener Turm, right next to the Eilenriede and only a short distance from the Maschsee. You can reach us easily via the train lines 1-2-8 to the Döhrener Turm. You can also park in the residential areas around the Vier Jahreszeiten.